Make a Good Food Better with Dave's Jalapeno Spices

Make a good food better with Dave's Jalapeno Spice



A wonderful spice for potatoes and eggs, fruit, yogurt - and even popcorn! Add a pinch to your favorite dips or use it as a zesty addition to salad dressing! You can also add this to your favorite oils and butters too!


Enjoy this tangy salt on pasta, pizza and salads. Green Garlic is also superb on chicken, lamb, pork and all your vegetable dishes.


A bold addition to ordinary table salt. Perfect for all your favorite meat and fish recipes. You'll love it on soups, stews and chili. 

Free Dave's Jalapeno Salt Recipes, with all natural ingredients!

Red Taco Recipe

Colorado Smoked Jalapeño Salmon

Green Jalapeño Garlic Sweet Corn and Sausage Casserole

Dave's Red Jalapeño Catfish

Dave's Jalapeno Goulash

Smoked Jalapeño Sausage Stew

Green Jalapeño Garlic and Chicken Casserole

Dave's All Natural Jerky for Beef, Deer, Antelope and Elk



1 to 2 Lbs Hamburger

3 to 5 oz. Taco seasoning

1 to 2 oz. Mild Red Jalepeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

Fry hamburger, Add Mild Red Jalapeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt and taco seasoning. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on medium heat, stirring constantly.

Serve on taco shells with the shredded cheese of your choice, sour cream, salsa (picante) and diced fresh tomatoe



4 ea. 6 oz Fillets of fresh Salmon

1 stick of unsalted Butter (melted) with

4 tsp. Smoked Jalapeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

2 ea. Fresh Limes

4 squares (12 in.) heavy aluminum foil

Place each fillet on foil, brush with olive oil and loosely close top. Place on hot grill and cook for 4 minutes covered. Spoon melted butter and Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt sauce over salmon. Cover and cook another 4-6 minutes. Squeeze 1/2 lime over each fillet. Serve with a light salad and your favorite wine.



2 cans creamed Sweet Corn (14-15oz)

1 lb. Sausage, mild

2 Tbsp. butter, melted and mixed with 3/4 tsp. Green Jalapeño Garlic Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

2 Eggs, beaten into 1 cup milk

1 full stack saltines, crushed to the consistency of rolled oats.

Fry the sausage until brown and then add butter with Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt and cook for another 2 minutes, stirring continually. Pour all ingredients into a 2-quart casserole dish and stir until evenly mixed. Bake at 350 for 55 minutes. Remove and let stand for a few minutes before serving. Serve with a green salad.



1 lb. filleted Catfish

1 small jar PACE® Picante Sauce (medium or hot)

1/2 cup Corn Meal

1/2 cup flour Mild Red Jalapeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

1 tsp.t

1/4 cup oil (depending on thickness of fish)**

Marinate the fish in picante sauce for 6 to 8 hours in refrigerator. Mix corn meal, flour and Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt well. Roll catfish in this mixture. Fry in oil at medium heat 6-1/2 to 8 minutes per side.

Instead of frying, you can bake the fish at 390 for 15 minutes.

Serve piping hot with green salad and a light, white wine.

** Not required if you bake the fish



1 lb. lean Hamburger

3 to 4 oz. Taco Bell® taco seasoning

1/2 to 1 oz. Mild Red Jalepeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

12 to 16 oz large elbow Macaroni

1/4 cup Milk

4 to 6 oz. shredded mild or sharp Cheddar Cheese

Fry hamburger with Mild Red Jalapeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt and taco seasoning. Boil macaroni, drain and add the milk and cheese. Stir until the cheese is melted. Add the hamburger mixture and stir to an even consistency over medium heat Serve.



2 lbs. Jimmy Dean® Sausage (hot, regular or extra sage)

2 to 3 cans of Ro-Tel® Diced tomatoes with chili peppers

2 to 3 cans Black Eyed Peas with Jalapeños - 15.5 oz cans

1/2 to 3/4 tsp. Smoked Jalapeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

Fry the sausage with the Smoked Jalapeño Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt, do not drain.

Add the sausage to the other ingredients in a crock pot.

Cook on medium heat for 2 to 3 hours. Serves 8 to 10


Prepare the Chicken:

2 lbs. ground white Chicken or Turkey

2 Tbsp. butter melted with 1/2 tsp Green Jalapeño Garlic Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt

Brown chicken in one to two ounces of vegetable oil in a large frying pan. Chop into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces. Stir in melted butter and Dave's All Natural Jalapeno Salt. Cook on medium heat for another two minutes, stirring constantly.

Prepare the Sauce: - you can prepare the sauce while the chicken is absorbing the flavor of the Dave's All Natural Jalapeno Salt

3 Tbsp. Flour

1 cup Milk

1 cup Chicken Broth

1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes with green chilies

1/2 tsp Green Jalapeño Garlic Dave's All Natural Jalapeno Salt

3 Tbsp. butter

Melt butter with Dave's All Natural Jalapeno Salt in medium saucepan. Stir in flour and bring to a bubble over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until about the consistency of thick gravy. Stir in Ro-Tel tomatoes and continue cooking for two minutes.

Assemble the Casserole:

30 to 40 corn tortilla chips, crumbled

1 lb. mild cheddar cheese, grated

Layer ingredients in casserole in the following sequence: chicken, then tortilla chips, then cheese, then all of the sauce. Then chicken, tortilla chips and top with cheese. Bake until sauce is bubbly (approx 20 minutes). Let stand for a few minutes before serving. Serves 8 to 10.

DAVE'S ALL NATURAL JERKY for Beef, Deer, Antelope and Elk


* 2 pounds of flank steak or suitable meat.

* 1 or 2 tablespoons of Dave's All Natural Smoked Jalapeño Salt.

* 2 teaspoons – meat tenderizer

* 2 teaspoons – onion powder

* 2 teaspoons – garlic powder (Do Not Use Salt!)

* 1 teaspoon – pepper

* ½ cup - liquid smoke (Hickory is the best) You don’t need this but I find it adds to the flavor.

* ½ cup - Soya sauce or light Soya.

* 1 cup – Worcester sauce

Trim any fat off meat, place in freezer for 30 minutes, meat should be firm but still sliceable. Slice in to thin strips or if using a roast you can make larger pieces. The important thing to remember is to slice thin and evenly.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and dump in the meat. If you have a meat marinade dish use that. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours.

In a dehydrator, place meat on trays and sprinkle liberally with Dave's All Natural Jalapeño Salt. Cook and enjoy, remember that the more salt you use, the hotter it is.

"Tom's SCORCHED EARTH Bloody Mary "

Here is my recipe for "Tom's SCORCHED EARTH Bloody Mary":

In an ice-filled shaker, combine

One shot (1.5 oz) of Absolute Pepper Vodka

10 oz Freshies Original Bloody Mary Mix

3 shakes Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

4 LIBERAL shakes Dave's Orange Habanero Chipotle Smoked Salt

Shake ingredients and pour all contents into a glass rimmed with Dave's Orange

Habanero Chipotle Smoked Salt

Garnish with a Jalapeno and celery


Chilli Pepper Hotness scale is rated from 1 to 10

1 is the mildest and 10 is the hottest

* Hickory Smoked Salt (0) This salt is smoked with Hickory. No heat but very good on BBQ'd foods and anytime you want the flavor of hickory.


* Ancho Pepper (3) The Ancho pepper is a dried Poblano chilli. This pepper is fairly mild with a sweet earthly flavor of liquorice, coffee and raisins. Use in mole, enchilada sauces, tamales and stews.

* Guajillo Pepper (3) The Guajillo pepper is fairly mild with a sweet taste Use in salsas, chilli sauces, soups and stews.

* Nu Mex Red Pepper (3) The Nu Mex red pepper is also known as the Colorado Chilli. The dried version has a earthly sweet and fruity taste. Use in red sauces, or stews.

* Nu Mex Green Pepper (4) The Nu Mex green chilli is of medium heat with a sweet earthy flavor. Used in stews, sauces, salsas.


* Pasilla Pepper (4) The Pasilla pepper is dark brown with a hint of liquorice. Use in all sauces.

* Jalapeno Peppers (5) The Jalapeno pepper is used m all sorts of Mexican dishes and is also good stuffed with cheese grilled or BBQ'd.

* Poblano Pepper (5) The Poblano pepper can be medium to hot in flavor. It has a smoky flavor and is used in most Mexican dishes.

* Chipotle Pepper (6) The Chipotle is a dried smoked jalapeno. It has a smoky sweet nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate. Add to soups, stews and casseroles.

* Serrano Pepper (7) The Serrano Pepper is a blistering heat. Use in chilli sauces and sauces. Good mixed with fresh vegetables used as a dip and or on meat, poultry, seafood and egg dishes.

* Arbol Pepper (8) The Arbol pepper has a fiery scorching heat. Use in flavoring oils and vinegars.


* Diablo (9) Diablo is the Spanish word for Devil "Hot as the devil" Use on rice and in salsas.

* Pequin (9) The Pequin pepper is extremely hot. The heat is great yet diminishes quickly. Use in soup, boiled peas and beans.


* Habanero Pepper (10) The Habanero has a fruity flavor of coconut and papaya. It is one of the hottest chillis you can get. They come in all colors and are used in salsas and chutneys.