Make a Good Food Better with Dave's Jalapeno Spices

Dave's all natural spices, makes a good food better.

The Making Of Our Unique Flavors

At Dave’s Jalapeño Salt, all of our products have been made keeping not only your taste preferences in mind but also the health aspect of salt. With a special motive to create some distinctive flavors to enrich your culinary experience, we have cooked up a wide array of flavors.

Dave’s all natural Jalapeño Salt has emerged as one of the top-tasting jalapeño spices worldwide, as revealed from years of testing dozens of jalapeño peppers and salt. To bring out that bold, zesty taste of jalapeño, we found a unique process of marrying the jalapeños with an all-natural salt from ancient sea beds.

Our exclusive, versatile blend enhances the flavor of all foods from eggs and popcorns to Bloody Mary. With just a shake or two of Dave’s All Natural Jalapeño Salt, you can make “good food better!”

Our jalapeño peppers are delivered fresh from the field, dehydrated and then ground to our specifications before getting blended with our all-natural salt. We also use real salt exclusively from the ancient sea beds of Utah. It is pollutant-free and is not altered with coloring additives or bleaching, making Dave’s all Natural Jalapeño Salt a fresh bold complement to your culinary needs. All of our jalapeño pepper is absolutely gluten- and MSG-free.